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Digitization Kit

Explore Digital Archiving

Unlock the world of digital archiving with our comprehensive Digitization Kit, available for in-house use at our library. This kit includes everything you need to digitize your documents and memories safely and efficiently.



Kit Components

The Digitization Kit includes the following items, designed to cater to all your digitization needs:

  1. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0
    1. The Clear Click Analog Converter facilitates the backup of older video-based media, compatible with devices using RCA-style video and audio connections.






  1. CZUR Aura Pro 
    1. Our CZUR Scanner offers a comprehensive set of image processing tools, capable of extracting text and producing high-quality reproductions of photos and documents, allowing you to preserve essential and aging materials. 






  1. HP Chromebook
  2. To Keep: SanDisk 256GB Flash Drive   *First Appointment Only

Appointment and Usage

To ensure proper handling and usage of the kit, patrons are required to schedule a 45-minute appointment with our staff. This session will cover how to use each component effectively. Currently, the kit is available for in-house use only. Click the button below to schedule an appointment to use the kit:

Schedule a Digitization Kit Appointment