BizStats by BizMiner

Free industry benchmark stats, including profitability risk and other financial tools.

Business Decision

Comprehensive business-to-consumer market data.

Business Insights: Global

Company profiles, industry and market share reports, case studies and SWOT analysis.

Census Business Builder

Determine the best location for your future business using local census data.

Demographics Now Business and People

Researchers and entrepreneurs will find comprehensive business and demographic information valuable to assess business viability, creating sales leads and marketing mailing lists. 

Economic Census: Industry Snapshots

Snapshots of the US industries by NAICS code. 

Foundation Directory Online

Search 6.4 million grants from 140,000 grant funders from across the United States (in-library use only).

Gale Virtual Reference Library Business Collection

Industry reports for business access. 

LARA: Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Search Michigan business guidelines and download required forms and instructions. 

Legal Forms Library

Download, save, or print Michigan legal forms.

Mergent Intellect

Includes market research from First Research, Key Business Rations, residential data, and job postings.

Morningstar Investment Research Center

CIDL is considering the purchase of Morningstar Investment Research Center, an easy to navigate database designed to help you reach your investment goals.You can access a trial of this database by clicking on the logo to the left.

Please email feedback to our business librarian, Trevor Winn, at

We will use your feedback to determine whether or not we add this database to our collection.

Reference USA

Free lead generation, standard white pages, and US business directory.

SBDC Clearinghouse

Market research reports and industry data for entrepreneurs.

Small Business Resource Center

Search and download sample business plans and research legal structures.


Free supply chain data.

Valuation Resources-Industry Data

Market research guide for 400+ industries. 

Value Line Investment Survey

Comprehensive stock and investment research.

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