Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center

Second largest genealogy collection in the US. Some research available online.

Ancestry Library - (In Library Use Only)

Search census, military, immigration, and vital records from around the world.



Search or add GPS cemetery data.

Clarkston Community Historical Society

Collecting, preserving, and displaying the history of Clarkston!

Clarkston High School Yearbook Archive

Archive of Clarkston High School Yearbooks from 1946 to present. Also includes yearbooks from 1924 - 1926.

Note: due to copyright law, yearbooks from 1978 onward can only be accessed in the library.

Clarkston M.E. Church Records, 1869-1922

Includes pastors, members, marriages, and baptisms. 

Family Search

Search genealogy records from around the world and build your online family tree.


Search 162 million grave records.

Heritage Quest Online

US Census records, digitized books, Freedman's Bank, and more. 

Independence Township Historic Survey

Reference historical records for all the homes in Clarkston.

Michigana: Michigan History Online

History of Michigan's lands and people.

Oakland County Historical Resources

Digitized documents, photos, and videos from across Oakland County, Michigan.

Roots Web

Search public family trees, message boards and connect with genealogists.

Seeking Michigan

Free digitized Michigan death certificates, civil war documents, and Michigan historical information. 

US Gen Web

Free online genealogy help and information for every U.S. state and county.

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