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This Month's Recommended Book: We Don't Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

Penelope Rex is so excited about her first day of school!  Her dad even bought her a new back pack with ponies on it.  Ponies are Penelope's favorite.  Because they are delicious.

But Penelope is a little scared too.  Will the other students like her?  Will they have big teeth?  What if she isn't good at making friends?

And then a crazy thing happens on her first day when she walks into her classroom.  The students are not dinosaurs, like Penelope - they are CHILDREN!  And, well, CHILDREN . . . are delicious.  You can see the dilemma.

Ryan T. Higgins has created another great story with amazing illustrations, sure to tickle a parent's funny bone, as well as address your five year old's fears of starting something new.  

If you like this one, make sure to check out his Bruce series of books, including Mother Bruce and Hotel Bruce!

Tracy Bedford, Librarian

CIDL Head of Youth Services

Tracy Bedford

Email: bedfordt@cidlibrary.org

Phone: (248)625-2212


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